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Also, announcing the schedule of FIRA 2013 Paper Presentations and FIRA-MCAIT 2013 Full Schedule .
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We would like to highlight the presence of the following the plenary speakers:

(i) Professor Jong-Hwan Kim, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, KAIST, Korea.

(ii) A/Prof. Prahlad Vadakkepat, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering National University of Singapore.

The FIRA RoboWorld Congress (founded in 1996) will be co-hosted by the National University of Malaysia, Department of Polytechnic Education  (Ministry of Higher Education) and MySET (Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology) from 24th until 29th August 2013. The FIRA RoboWorld Cup will be held together with FIRA RoboWorld  Congress  (a scientific robotics conference). In the past, these happening events have been hosted in the United Kingdom, India, Korea, China, USA, Germany, Singapore, Australia, France and Brazil. The FIRA-RoboWorld Cup & Congress has resulted in introducing new holistic technology to the world that involves mechanical, electronics and digital control and image processing technology. The upcoming event will continue this spirit by adopting the theme “Intelligent robotics systems: Inspiring the NEXT”. The  FIRA-RoboWorld Congress and RoboWorld Cup 2013 will be held co-located with the Multi Conference on Artificial Intelligence Technology (MCAIT 2013)  organized by Center for Artificial Intelligence Technology (CAIT) . The conferences associated with these two main events are:

  1. 5th International Conference on Education and Entertainment Robotics (ICEER)
  2. 4th International Robotics Education Forum (IREF)
  3. 2nd International Multi-Conference on Artificial Intelligence Technology (M-CAIT 2013)